Artist Statement

As the speed of information alters how we interpret the world, the glitch becomes a break in the stream. Glitches hover at the edge of what is perceived, passing at speeds that limit contemplation. My work explores these technological glitches by employing machine customized tools to translate experienced digital disorder into gestural marks that loosely mimic wave patterns. Composed of perfunctory and repetitive pulls of paint, my work points towards the irregularities and accidents evident on the surface of countless mass produced objects— my human fallibility mimicking mechanized aberrations. The blemishes preserved in each layer of paint reaffirm the man made aspects of an overtly mechanical application of paint.

Drawing initially from TV static and garbled video game graphics, the focus of the work has broadened to include the variety of formal elements inherent to color, composition and application. My marks skip and stutter, across the painted surface. Layered transparent glazes manufacture depth and space. The actions create a language of glitches in paint. This process of disjunction informs the work, bending content to serve the formal elements of painting. The medium rewards a slow read of the image and lays the foundation for meaning rooted in the shared experience of observation.

The paintings are singular and immediate, concrete where the glitch is short lived. The work captures those fugitive moments of interference and converts them into the indelible medium of painting.